DragonBustR Time! Give Yourself 20 to Start…


With the time change coming this weekend (Fall Back Sunday!), you gain an hour.  What will you do with that extra time?  How about giving a third of it to DragonBustR pursuits.

Read on!

In October 2014, we published a deck covering the Jedemi “DragonBustR” framework.

Jedemi DragonBustR Framework

The original framework deck.

We decided it was a good idea to revisit / refresh the concept AND start breaking it down into smaller “digestible” portions.

This short piece is focused on the “making time” challenge.

Before you can “follow your bliss,” you need to find a way to gain time in your day to read, write and explore. You can start by simply grabbing 20 minutes…

First thing's first...

First thing’s first…

Posted to Slideshare, we’ve embedded it below.

It also exists as a short YouTube video.

You’ll see that we are here to help. Hit us up with your questions.

Thanks for your time and #SCMF (Stay Curious My Friends)!

—The Gang

Jedemi is a about engaging the imagination & enabling the creative spirit, acknowledging the adjacent possible and making connections.

Looking Ahead…


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