Introducing the Villa’s Winged Friends…

Published just over a year after I had a chance to visit The Villa Birds hanging out in the lobby of
the retirement community in Pleasantville, NJ where my mom was under the care of The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy. Please enjoy the story of Skip Gladue’s gift to the community at the Villa Raffaella.

Mr. Pete’s Music to Calm the Soul

40-days and 40-nights of shelter-in-place got you edgy? Mr. Pete has just what you need… 17 tracks of music that play well end-to-end. Music to Calm the Soul he calls it. Enjoy!

AWSI Musings: McDs Shakes Things Up with Shamrock Shake-Friendly STRAW…

Who knew you needed a STRAW to fully enjoy the new limited edition Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s? See what the team of engineers invented…

Help Desk Utility Player Available…

Great “go-to” person who’d be an asset to your team — The ultimate utility player. For all your business needs (from IT / Help Desk support to strategic marketing and communications). She has the know-how, energy, enthusiasm and thrives on challenges.

Jukebox Sez: Madonna’s Holiday Feels So Right…

If we took a holiday… Just one day out of life… It would be, it would be so nice!

DragonBustR Reader — 016

Smile, Smart Spacing & So Right… #SCMF

DragonBustR Reader — 015

Be Kind, Right Brain, & Can’t Stop… #SCMF

AWSI Musings: None for You! What the Hell?

The inconvenience store truth and its consequences… Read on as the #SaveOllie gang finds an even better way to mess with Peyton..