Introducing the “Robo-Raptor”

The Wall Street Journal had a front page story about Robo-Raptors (It’s a Bird, It’s a Plan, It’s a Robotic Bald Eagle). It talked about Dutch ornithologist, falconer and mechanical engineer, Robert Musters who created a lifelike “RoBird” that can scare off other birds. “This bird can do what a… more »

First Ever Unboxing: Well-Contained Outdoorsman

Seems like unboxing videos are quite common on the Web.  Most of the time, they have to do with some new fancy gadget.  This is an extension of that concept. Introducing “The Well-Contained Outdoorsman.” In order to be able to take off at a moment’s notice, he has come up… more »

Viewing “The Hurt Locker” in Another Dimension…

Much has been said about the mega-blockbuster, Avatar being available in 3-D (as in third dimension) — a viewing format that requires special glasses.  3-D is picking up steam in Hollywood because it is supposed to be more engaging. The thing is, I discovered that there is another way to… more »

Origins of Jedemi – The Timeline

A huge part of the Jedemi project was the timeline I put together in Excel.  I was working off a hunch that these “spirits from the past” knew each other and/or were exposed to similar influencers. So here are a few snapshots from that huge spreadsheet I put together. Not… more »

One Heck of a Dream… Twilight Author on Oprah

I was aware of the Twilight series and knew it had a young adult following. But this interview of author Stephenie Meyer on Oprah that I caught purely by accident while I was stretching after my workout was a true eye-opener.

My Pleasure — Truett & Dan Cathy Do Chicken Right…

The Fox Business channel had an interview today with S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A and his son, Dan Cathy, who is the CEO. They talked about values — like honor, dignity and respect. And Truett talked about how they say, “my pleasure” as in “my pleasure to serve you.”… more »

WordPress Wonders — Making Sing

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye…” Anyone who has worked with me knows that I have a constant flow of creative ideas that I somehow manage to capture from time to time, in my journal or on a napkin or, if I’m really being structured, in mock-ups using PowerPoint…. more »

Intro to the Maker’s Series: From Mind to Market…

Creativity is basically the process of making, of bringing into being. — Rollo May We are inundated with products with all kinds of purposes on a daily basis. Just look at the ads in the Sunday paper, or visit the iTunes Store that boasts over 65,000 apps, or try to… more »