SCMF Musings: The Polymath Discovery…

So inventors are often polymathic connectors “who — by luck, design or some quirk of personality — are able to bring together knowledge from several fields.” Sounds like Jedemi…

Who Ya Gonna Call? Jedemi Introduces DragonBustRs Logo

With the help of an extremely talented artist (Mark Hill of Hill Cartoons and Humorous Illustrations), we have come up with a really cool logo that sums up what Jedemi is really about. In essence, if you are going to “Follow your bliss,” then you need to be prepared for… more »

Taming of Viv – Jukebox Tunes…

He Said That?

At the 1936 Academy Awards, apparently the president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences said something very interesting about “the Oscar.” And that president just so happens to be one of the Jedemi LP gang. What prompted him?

iBA-Viv Chapter 33

Notes & References for Chapter (Scene) 33A – “Sunday: Now you’ve done it…” JedeMic Night almost thwarted… The scene opens with Walking & Swinging playing by Andy Kirk & His Clouds of Joy (featuring Mary Lou Williams). ***** Also in this section is a reference to the movie “Cinema Paradiso.”… more »

Eyewitness Accounts of the 1906 Earthquake…

In his post of the 7 stories to read this weekend, Om Malik gave a shout out to Jack London: The story of an eye witness: Jack London, a San Francisco writer, wrote about the 1906 earthquake that almost destroyed the city by the bay. This is amazing writing from… more »

The Enchanted Jukebox: Some History

I’ve been asked for specifics about the Enchanted Jukebox that is the focus of the first episode of Jedemi Chronicles (Title: “Ring Dem Bells” – Tale of the Enchanted Jukebox”). Viv is drawn to its colors. Even unplugged it seemed pulsing with life. After doing some legwork, it appears that… more »

Notable Quotables from Dorothy Sayers

I am reading The Passionate Intellect: Dorothy L. Sayers’ Encounter with Dante By Barbara Reynolds, and I came across this awesome quote: You are, of course, perfectly right — I never do anything (I mean , I never write anything) that I don’t like writing, or about anything or anyone… more »