Toll House Tales: All Fired Up -101

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up -101  [a Scripel**] The adventure begins… Early morning journal writing, some motivational music and a pre-run ritual…

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – Background

The following provides some background for the “All Fired Up” episode of the Toll House Tales.  Here you will learn more about Fran, Gayle, Doogie, and Julie. >> Fran is at that 7-year post-college period of time (making her just about to cross the threshold into her 30s). Up to… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – The Characters

CAST OF CHARACTERS Fran – 29, program manager (PM) with an excellent track record for getting results Doogie – 36, writer/editor in the marketing communications department; dabbles in scriptwriting on the side Julie – 26, market research specialist; first corporate job, determined to make her mark (and climb the ladder)… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – Intro

THT: All Fired Up – Introduction This is the story about three young women (ranging in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties) who end up spending an Autumn weekend together at an Oregon beach house. For two of the women, this is a “welcomed” getaway– serving as an excellent opportunity for… more »

Finger Painting App Covers The New Yorker

Another means for expressing your inner creative has been gaining quite a bit of buzz. The cover of the June 1 issue of the New Yorker magazine was created by the iPhone app artist Jorge Colombo, using Brushes. Developed by Steve Sprang, it is a natural media painting application designed… more »

Reading while flying… a St.X story

Antoine Saint-Exupery (AKA St.X) flew reconnaissance missions and the Lockheed P-38 Lightning was the type of plane he piloted in 1943. At that time, it was considered one of the fastest planes in existence — capable of speeds nearly twice that of a Bloch 174. He had to fight to… more »

Tale of the Enchanted Jukebox

The first edition of Jedemi Chronicles is called “Ring Dem Bells.”  It tells the story of an Enchanted Jukebox that takes up residence at the Jedemi Cafe. The following are the tunes the Jukebox played on a regular basis. Walkin’ and Swingin’ — Mary Lou Williams Opus One — Tommy… more »

Another Tall Tale: Carmel & the Road to Celibacy

Tale Tales by Raconteur Cavallero “The Road from Celibacy Goes through Carmel” It was October 1969; three months after the Zodiac killer started his reign of terror in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. It was also one month before at a seminary 75 miles to the south in… more »