Cool Packaging — Wipe Dispenser Redesign

The Clorox Company has come up with a brilliant idea that borrows from Kleenex — designer packaging. Putting something purely functional in a dispenser that you don’t mind having on a countertop makes a ton of sense. Plus, it encourages usage because of its accessibility.

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 120

Thoughts of Destiny prompt a smoke break. Fran and Gayle step outside to chat while Julie stays comfortable near the fire.

Free WiFi or Wifey?

The comic strip, Pearls Before Swine, is something I look forward to reading every day. In fact, that’s why I’ve added a widget that allows you to read it in the Jedemi Presents section of this site. The one that still cracks me up is from June 5, when Pig… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 119

The fireside chat continues… Gayle is deep into a story that closely resembles “Allegory of the Cave.”

Look Up in the Sky… It’s a Movie Promo!!

Normally, forms of sky advertising wouldn’t be something to blog about. After all, who hasn’t spent a summer at the Shore and not seen a plane with a trailing banner (“Phil’s Bongo Room — Live Music tonight!).   But this story caught my eye. Seems that Disney/Pixar commandeered a Zeppelin… more »

LEGOs do Thriller — Jedemi Presents

If you click on Jedemi Presents, you will see a post about Michael Jackson that includes a very creative 13-minute video I discovered of LEGOs doing “Thriller.” Here’s a preview: LEGOs do Thriller — Clip from annie latham on Vimeo.

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 118

Prompted by Fran, Gayle tells one of her grandma’s favorite fireside tales.

OTW and other MJ influences…

Last week, after the news of Michael Jackson’s death hit and ricocheted its way across the airwaves and the blogosphere, many of is took a step back and pondered how we’d like to remember Michael. Dancin’ machine pops to mind. He certainly was that. Then there was that phrase that… more »