What We’re Reading – the 1214 Edition

Time to give an update on what books we’re cycling through.  We made some really good discoveries and find the reading quite enlightening. Check it out.   Take a look at this…   Our pal,  St.X would dig this one for sure.  We are finding Gerald Zaltma’s “How Customers Think:… more »

Finding an Angle: Focus on Fructose…

Looks like General Mills has some new messaging they want consumers to digest: Big G cereals deliver great taste with NO high fructose corn syrup Actually, in the FSI, the first message was: Great Taste ANY TIME OF DAY! So the common denominator is “Great Taste.” They seem to be… more »

If You Engage Them, They Will Sell…

That seems to be the message that Sprint Business is communicating in an ad campaign which actually kicked off two months ago, but caught our attention on Tuesday. In the Marketplace section of The Wall Street Journal, Sprint Business took out a full page (B5).  The bottom was an actual… more »

Sunday Musings – Table for Three with Kobe & Arianna

It was one of those newspaper articles we set aside because we wanted to do a deep read, not power scan. To us, getting Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers star) and Arianna Huffington (writer, co-founder and editor in chief of the Huffington Post Media Group) to sit for a meal and… more »

AWSI: Crunching On is a Good Thing, But…

Almonds are good for you.  We know that.  A handful of “toast ’til toasted” almonds can do wonders for maintaining your energy level. We were amused by this ad promoting California almonds that appeared in Sunset Magazine’s October 2014 issue.   That energizer almond kid certainly was an eye catcher… more »

Who Ya Gonna Call? Jedemi Introduces DragonBustRs Logo

With the help of an extremely talented artist (Mark Hill of Hill Cartoons and Humorous Illustrations), we have come up with a really cool logo that sums up what Jedemi is really about. In essence, if you are going to “Follow your bliss,” then you need to be prepared for… more »

ASWI – Shellraiser is a Keeper…

As appalling as it may be to think that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise is pushing toys for pre-schoolers, we’ve deemed the product highlighted on page 18 of the Sunday Target ad post-worthy. The Shellraiser vehicle from Playmates Toy has bells and whistles (or as the ad copy states,… more »

FSI – What’s New and Notable – 002

This week’s edition of FSI What’s New & Notable is focusing on hot sauce. The FSI featured a ginormous burger that took up 50% of the ad. It was a drippy burger too, like the kind you see on Carl’s Jr. television ads. We aren’t burger people and were about… more »