AWSI Musings: Peaking@Peyton in the Park

Following the DIRECTV playbook, Peyton races off to the park to watch his NFL Sunday Ticket. Read on for a “peak” into what thrills await him.

AWSI Musings: Mighties are Magnificent!

Kiwifruit cleverly packaged triggers a well worthwhile adventure.

DragonBustR Reader — 013

Fall Back, Gain DragonBustR Time… Wanna buy a watch? #SCMF

AWSI Musings: DirectingTV @ Peyton’s Place…

We interrupt this Sunday Ticket for … Directing TV is just another way to mess with Peyton. The “How Ollie Strikes Back!” adventure continues.

DragonBustR Reader — 012

Just Because, Blame Game, & Thriller… Scroll down for special “Treats.” #SCMF

Jukebox Sez: Thriller for Halloween…

For this week’s DragonBustR Reader, the Jukebox has delivered “Thrillers” for Halloween. We’ve got Thriller classic (Michael Jackson’s original) , a couple of Thriller mashups (Daft Punk and an awesome Frozen one), and we have a bonus clip — LEGOS doing the Thriller dance. Enjoy! Runtime 13 minutes and 42… more »

AWSI Musings: Oh Dominos – Ollie Strikes Back…

The “How Ollie Strikes Back!” adventure continues with a special delivery to Peyton’s Place in Colorado…

DragonBustR Reader — 011

This week we kept it simple and celebrated “Oatober”. Enjoy! #SCMF