Staying Curious: The SISTEM51 Adventure

My SISTEM51 Adventure.

Ad triggers curious mind and kicks off an adventure. What WAS the story in the back?

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Sunday Musings – By Changing Ourselves We Can Change the World…


It has been a really nutty week.  The world seems to be spiraling out of control with so many matters of importance seemingly shunted aside by leaders who should know better. I totally get why Rat did that. That “It is what it is” phrase represents a fork in the…

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NoNo Promo a Go!

When Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers threw his no-hitter on my birthday, I knew I was witnessing something special. Listening to Vin Scully describe the scene (caught the last 3 innings) was a treat. And speaking of treats, the timing worked out for me to be able to… more »


AWSI: JedemIdea, Energy & Power…

With the release of the first of what should be many expressions of the Jedemi Chronicles, we’ve been pondering how to explain what we perceive to be the end game here. For sure, we can tell that a lot of what Jedemi is about is the discovering of interesting things… more »


AWSI: Responsible Stewards? Thunk Again…

To solve a mystery — That thunking sound referenced in our Facebook post earlier in the week came from Restoration Hardware’s bundle of 13 source books which they claim add up to a “significantly reduced impact on the environment.”   We say, “hummm….” They certainly have gone out of their… more »

Enchanted Jukebox ready to play on.

Help Wanted – Taming of Viv Needs Eyeballs…

We are very excited to announce the availability of a demo version of “In Heaven When You Smile – The Taming of Viv” in iBook format. It is part of the Jedemi Chronicles series of stories featuring spirits from the past who arrive at a café (The Jedemi Café) with… more »


What We’re Reading…

The Jedemi way is to have several books going at once. The preference is a traditional-style book where we can make notes in pencil (lots of underlining and scribbles). And the Jedemi challenge is to schedule time to make progress working through the books. We are contemplating doubling up on… more »


AWSI: Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System is Cool But Incomplete…

The Home Depot “Thrill of the Grill” page on their weekly ad drew our attention to a “new!” $399, “EXCLUSIVE WEBER SPIRIT E-210 2-BURNER GAS GRILL FEATURING GOURMET BBQ SYSTEM.” Yes, those were Home Depot’s shouts (as in all caps). Seriously though… what’s not to like about a BBQ which… more »