FSI – What’s New and Notable – 002


This week’s edition of FSI What’s New & Notable is focusing on hot sauce. The FSI featured a ginormous burger that took up 50% of the ad. It was a drippy burger too, like the kind you see on Carl’s Jr. television ads. We aren’t burger people and were about…

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What We’re Reading – August Edition…


As mentioned in May’s post, the Jedemi way is to have several books going at once.  Having just completed Biz Stone’s “Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind,” which was awesome, it was time to get some new books in the mix.   Check it out.  …

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FSI – What’s New and Notable – 001

Anyone who gets a Sunday newspaper delivered to their doorstep (or driveway) knows that part of its considerable “thunk” are the ads that are included in the form of circulars and free standing inserts (FSI). We like them for several reasons. You can get a sense of what’s trending. You… more »

Credit: NYT Robert Capun

AWSI: Changing the Eye is a Good Thing!

Last Sunday The New York Times had a nice “Table for Three” write-up featuring Michael Kors (MK) and a favorite of ours, Danny Meyer (DM). It appeared in the SundayStyles section, so it may have been missed by many readers who normally breeze by this part of the paper. The… more »

My SISTEM51 Adventure.

Staying Curious: The SISTEM51 Adventure

Ad triggers curious mind and kicks off an adventure. What WAS the story in the back?


Sunday Musings – By Changing Ourselves We Can Change the World…

It has been a really nutty week.  The world seems to be spiraling out of control with so many matters of importance seemingly shunted aside by leaders who should know better. I totally get why Rat did that. That “It is what it is” phrase represents a fork in the… more »


NoNo Promo a Go!

When Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers threw his no-hitter on my birthday, I knew I was witnessing something special. Listening to Vin Scully describe the scene (caught the last 3 innings) was a treat. And speaking of treats, the timing worked out for me to be able to… more »


AWSI: JedemIdea, Energy & Power…

With the release of the first of what should be many expressions of the Jedemi Chronicles, we’ve been pondering how to explain what we perceive to be the end game here. For sure, we can tell that a lot of what Jedemi is about is the discovering of interesting things… more »