AWSI: An Awesome Week for ‘Amphibious’ Pitcher…


We heart the ambidextrous pitcher for the Oakland Athletics and have been watching him closely since spring training. He has spent most of the season in the ball clubs’s Triple-A affiliate (Nashville) until Friday, June 5, when he was called up to help out the A’s as they battled the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park…

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AWSI: Apple Bashing; Samsung Won’t Let Up…


We remember seeing a cartoon years ago that was captioned “Last Act of Defiance.” In it, a mouse was flipping off a bird of prey that was swooping in on him. Funny how that visual stuck. When we were flipping through The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, we stopped at page A7 to admire a very “blue” full-page ad with the title “NOT ALL SMARTPHONES ARE CREATED EQUAL.” Okay, you grabbed us.

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AWSI – Things We Didn’t Know We Needed…

We’ve been talking about Active Exploration (AE) as something we all should be doing (E for Everyone). It isn’t limited to magazines and other publications. Print ads and those “free standing inserts” from the Sunday paper can easily stimulate the curious mind and generate some ponderables.


What We’re Reading – May Edition…

Time to give an update on what books we’re cycling through. We made some really good discoveries which make us smile throughout the day — a knowing smile.   With the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we’ve been on a journey of discovery since we weren’t exposed to… more »


AWSI: Active Exploration – Part 3

In our Active Exploration post (Part 2) we teased / mentioned “another San Diego discovery.” Here it is. The picture of a vintage mid-century Volkswagen Beetle convertible with a surf board poking out of its top was an eye-magnet. What’s essential here IS invisible to the eye.


AWSI: Active Exploration – Part 2

Here are some really cool things that we discovered which we might have missed if we weren’t in that Active Exploration mindset. In the May issue of the NY Times “T” Magazine there was a piece about Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. With a last name like that, you’d think it was about cereal. But what caught our eye wasn’t the name. Rather it was the pictures of the “rock house” he built.


AWSI: Active Exploration is E for Everyone…

It all started with a piece from the NY Times Review section titled “Let the Kids Learn Through Play.” Curious, we stopped to give it a read through. The head scratcher is why the discussion is centered around “kids” with an emphasis on pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It is time for an active exploration breakout — make it rated “E” for everyone, because every can benefit from more “play” and active exploration on a daily basis.


AWSI: Bono, the Light Bulb and More…

We are always a “wee bit” behind in our reading. There’s so much good stuff out there that we have to sort by what’s time sensitive. This post addresses something we saw in the Sunday NY Times from May 3. Datelined VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, which is always an attention getter because we feel that it is one of the most beautiful and zen places on earth, we read on.