Dante Essay in the WSJ is full of Ponderables…


The Saturday Essay in The Wall Street Journal was an interesting piece about Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and the impact it had on the author of the 2500+ word piece. The way these essays are written, you need to block a chunk of time because they tend to be lengthy ponderables…. more »

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By-Product Discovery: Rework & Kingsford…


While reading a book called “Rework” by by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, I made a fascinating discovery.  In the Progress section, the essay titled “Sell your by-products,” pointed to something that one might classify as either a “fast fact” or a “bet you didn’t know.” Henry (Model T)… more »

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Pinteresting Way to Reach Target Customers…

While flipping through the various circulars (ads) that come with the Sunday paper, we came upon an attention getter from Target. They showed sale items in the context of what you could bake. The theme, of course, was the upcoming Easter holiday. Right smack in the middle of the page, the words “dessert pinspiration” appeared along with the Pinterest logo.


The MakerBot Prince & a Journey with 3D Printing…

The Little Prince (1943) was inspiration for this journey into 3D printing. Carla draws a sheep for LEO and away they go.

Mark "The Inventor" King.

AWSI: Mark the Inventor King is Amazing…

The NY Times story about a 23-year old inventor who created a granola texture analyzer machine for General Mills only scraps the surface of what makes Mark “the Inventor” King so amazing.


Seen on TV: The Vanity Card Discovery…

Looks like someone has a lot on his mind. Just discovered that Chuck Lorre has been including messages that read like an editorial, essay, or observation on life at the end of every episode of Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly.


He Said That?

At the 1936 Academy Awards, apparently the president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences said something very interesting about “the Oscar.” And that president just so happens to be one of the Jedemi LP gang. What prompted him?


Sunday Session: 23 Feb 14

The Sunday Session is like a verbal jam session which has been captured in Final Draft and then pasted into a post. Enjoy!–ed FRANNIE Looks like a beautiful morning. Let’s head to the roof and hang for a while. DOSSIE Sounds good to me. Can’t beat this kind of weather… more »